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Heat Recovery Ventilation

Why Ventilate?
Modern construction methods have not only provided more energy efficient homes, but also a long list of ailments your home may be experiencing:
- window condensation
- high humidity
- moisture problems
- premature structural deterioration
- stale air
- back drafting of combustion appliances
- poor indoor air quality
- musty odours and mold

The solution to these problems is to ventilate. Heat recovery ventilation is essential in airtight, well-insulated homes because if indoor air can't escape, fresh air and oxygen can't get in. Essentially, your house can't breathe. Heat recovery ventilation corrects this condition by providing clean, fresh air and getting rid of the stale, humid air. This process removes pollutants, controls odours, eliminates condensation and preserves the structure of the building.

How it works
1. Vents located throughout your home draw in stale, humid air from the kitchen, bathrooms, laundry room and other sources of pollutants or moisture.
2. As this air is expelled, the outside vent simultaneously draws in fresh air, warming it with heat recovered from the indoor air being expelled.
3. After passing through the ventilator, fresh warm air is released to each room in your house, either independently ducted or integrated through a forced air system.

Solace Homeworks offers a full line of Heat Recovery Ventilators from Eneready Products. Eneready HRV's offer unparalleled efficiency in providing clean 'zoned' indoor air quality for renovated and custom-built homes.

Why we recommend Eneready Heat Recovery Ventilators

  • The quietest HRV on the market when installed to Eneready's standards
  • Guaranteed to pass a 'Duct Blast Test' for air leakage
  • Efficient, long-lasting and cool running motors design for continuous operation (8760 hrs per year)
  • Core, filters and fans remove easily for cleaning
  • 5 year warranty on components and limited lifetime warranty on the core
  • CSA approved and meet B.C. code ventilation requirements
  • Backed by Eneready technical training, service and support for Eneready authorized installers (SOLACE)

Technician performs a Duct Blast test on a SOLACE installation of a Heat Recovery Ventilator. This will ensure maximum supply and exhaust levels through ductwork, identifying any potential for leakage.

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